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Premier CEE Solar Energy Conference

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Two full days of total immersion in the dynamic world of the CEE industry

GreenBATTERY 2024 - Energy Storage of CEE Conference

GreenBATTERY 2024 - Energy Storage of CEE Exhibition


Agenda of CISOLAR 2024 Conference

Driving Sustainable Energy Transition of CEE

Solar Policy & Energy Storage Progress in CEE: Key Takeaways for 2024. Radical Changes in CEE's Energy Sector Post-Ukraine-Invasion

Presentation on Romania's Solar Potential and Its Role in the Country's Energy Mix

New Solar Energy Market of Moldova

Financing Solar Projects in Emerging National Markets

The Rise of Agri-Solar Solutions in CEE Countries

The Distributed Generation Wave: Remodeling the Energy Landscape

A Solar Energy in Ukraine: From Boom to Rebuilding Through Resilience: Current State, Legislative Changes and Future Prospects

Case Studies of Successful Solar Energy Projects in Central and Eastern Europe

The Very Special Moments That Energize Us

CISOLAR has captured the most important moments of the European emerging PV markets development. These stories unite us.