The 12th Solar Energy Conference of Central and Eastern Europe | October 15-17, Laminor Arena, Bucharest, Romania

The Very Special Moments That Energize Us

CISOLAR has captured the most important moments of the European emerging PV markets development. These stories unite us.

Welcome to the 12th CISOLAR Conference & Trade Show, held in Bucharest on October 15-17!

We're thrilled to gather key stakeholders from Poland, Hungary, Romania, the Baltics, Slovakia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and the Balkans. This event fosters crucial partnerships among IPPs, developers, utilities, investors, and technology providers to accelerate solar deployment in the region. Together, we'll address challenges and opportunities arising from regulatory frameworks, grid connections, offtake structures, supply chain issues, and more. Let's continue the conversation and work towards a brighter, more sustainable future for Central & Eastern Europe!

Vitaliy Daviy, Co-Chairman of CISOLAR, CEO IB Centre

In the focus of CISOLAR 2024 are solar energy & energy storage projects for CEE security, safety & sustainability

I invite you to join CISOLAR 2024, a pivotal event shaping the solar energy industry in Central & Eastern Europe. Our focus is on accelerating the sustainable energy transition for enhanced EU and CEE energy security. We promote localization of production, manufacturing, and development of advanced solar solutions and foster an innovation-driven ecosystem. Together, let's build a brighter, sustainable future for our region. Thank you, and I eagerly anticipate your presence at CISOLAR 2024.

Julia Berezovska, Co-Chairwoman of CISOLAR, Sustainable Innovations Council